WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2011-03-02 19:03:41jackula83Well Constructed
2013-04-12 14:58:24hooibergWell Constructed
2013-04-27 04:45:14reofarpNeeds Fixingcolor change is confusing and q4 stone coloring is wrong in the no-variation
2014-01-10 05:05:04DragardWell Constructed
2014-06-20 11:27:22G1weistWell Constructed
2014-09-01 11:40:45utkuNeeds Fixingwhat happened the q4
2015-03-11 16:00:04StevenFNeeds FixingQ4 stone changes color...
2015-04-07 09:25:04kbkWell Constructed
2015-05-20 08:05:46tenuki89Well Constructed
2015-06-08 04:53:18swbusbyWell Constructed
2016-04-17 00:01:05aqwordWell Constructed
2018-03-19 22:47:14doba24hWell Constructed
2018-09-08 15:22:25ESMNeeds Fixingafter choosing "No" Q4 doesn't change color when sides are swapped
2020-10-05 20:36:03bruno LecailleWell Constructed