WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2009-08-26 16:54:58WarukoNeeds FixingProblem does not approve L19 as solution although it is better as solution as suggested K19
2013-04-03 02:19:17IsildurWell Constructed
2013-05-23 11:10:22MatrokInvalidSmall gote reduction, is that what you call "nice"?
2015-10-27 10:59:27dorfhen31Well Constructed
2015-12-08 16:04:26dhchristopherWell Constructed
2016-03-02 14:48:52HallonenNeeds FixingSome ways of making use of that aji is classed inocrrect, despite the open nature of the problem description.
2018-02-12 17:41:27hippophileNeeds FixingL18 then L19 is correct. K19 wastes a great ko threat unless at the 1 point stage of yose..
2020-10-02 22:56:16yankNeeds Fixing