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dreffuzitBianco tiene il moyo di Nero sotto controllo mentre espande il suo.White keeps Black's moyo in check while increasing his own.2019-03-01 11:30:58
dreffuzitIl nero ora può giocare in A. Se il Nero vuole rinforzare il lato inferiore può giocare Nero B, Bianco C, Nero D.Black can now play at A. If Black wants to reinforce the lower side he can play B, White C and D.2019-03-01 11:30:18
dreffuzitOra il bianco ha un gruppo stabile sulla destra. Questo non è buono per il nero.Now White has a stable group on the right. This is not very attractive for Black.2019-03-01 11:29:06
dreffuzitQuasi corretto. Nero G è leggermente meglio.Almost correct. Black G is just a little better.2019-03-01 11:28:13
dreffuzitNero poteva fare meglioBlack could have done better.2019-03-01 11:27:45

Recent Source Texts

A snapback, White lives.
Thanks to this snapback, White is alive.
Black to kill. Yes, you heard me.
The triangled move is black's original mistake
Right, w is dead. But there is a solution with w getting only ko-threats instead of kikashis. (play A to see the kikashis)