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PajsosrЦрни је покушао да буде лукав покривајући обе основе на 4. Како казнити?Black tried to be sneaky by covering both bases at 4. How to punish?2021-06-13 05:16:28
PajsosrМоже ли Црни да зароби означене каменове? (Савет: вероватно да, јер ово је проблем).Can Black capture the marked stones? (Hint: probably yes, since this is a problem).2021-06-13 05:15:30
PajsosrЦрни је мртав (Бели чак није ни морао да одигра последњи потез).Black is dead (White did not even need to play that last move).2021-06-13 05:13:53
sektoratedeViel zu langsam - du bist gefangen!Much too slow -- you're captured!2021-05-12 19:58:44
sektoratedeZu langsam, du bist gefangen.Too slow, you're captured.2021-05-12 19:58:25

Recent Source Texts

A snapback, White lives.
Thanks to this snapback, White is alive.
Black to kill. Yes, you heard me.
The triangled move is black's original mistake
Right, w is dead. But there is a solution with w getting only ko-threats instead of kikashis. (play A to see the kikashis)