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kemonoja白先。最善の手段は?White to move. What is the best play?2019-07-01 21:40:59
kemonoja先手でセキ。Seki in sente.2019-07-01 21:40:38
kemonoja白は二眼作れず。White cannot get two eyes.2019-07-01 21:40:27
kemonojaここでコウに弾くのは失敗です。A ko here is failure.2019-07-01 21:40:09
kemonoja白は1と打ちました。黒が応じるならば、A、B、C、かD、どこに打ちますか?White plays 1. If Black wants to respond here, is it best to play A, B, C, or D?2019-07-01 21:35:15

Recent Source Texts

A snapback, White lives.
Thanks to this snapback, White is alive.
Black to kill. Yes, you heard me.
The triangled move is black's original mistake
Right, w is dead. But there is a solution with w getting only ko-threats instead of kikashis. (play A to see the kikashis)