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Registered: 2006-12-02 Last Here: 2015-10-30

I'm just a regular guy who enjoys go problems. They're great for reading practice and much much shorter than real games, but they can never replace the feeling of one.

I used to make go problems out of my own games but I've taken a bit of a break on that, I might decide to drop a couple now and then, but not as fast as before.

I constantly try out new problems and I might drop a comment or two (or ten) if there something wrong with it. I notice sometimes that people who are 15k or weaker post problems on the site. Now, I have no problem with that but I find that weaker players are much more likely to post extremely faulty or even invalid problems. I am a classic example. I created my first problem when I was just a fledgling 18k - my problem was really awful. It wasn't invalid, but there were stuff like self-ataris and several missing branches. Now, my first problem was largely unedited for quite a period of time, but I eventually fixed it and now it's got the proper variations. I just want to recommend to all the beginners out there to wait until you are at least 10k to post a problem on this site. If you think you found a really great problem, show it to a stronger player first.

Another problem that is often stumbled upon in go problems, especially those made by new submitters, is that they are missing clarity. One type is simple: little to no incorrect branches - they are important for people to learn from the go problems they get incorrectly. Other clarity problems are more subtle: the solution stops too early or the ko doesn't seem that much worse than the seki because there are plenty of local threats. It differs a lot. Try to think about clarity before you post a problem, and if you can't? Well, we'll help you out.

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