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glue (5k France) Rating: 37 Send Private Message
Registered: 2001-05-15 Last Here: 2010-02-10

Hi! I like this site very much.

You can find me as <b>glue</b> on <a href="http://www.gokgs.com">KGS</a>, the Kiseido Go Server.

<div align=center><a href="http://elvire.scheibling.free.fr/perso/">
<img src="http://elvire.scheibling.free.fr/perso/banner/glue-gdban-menu.jpg">
You can also visit my
<a href="http://elvire.scheibling.free.fr/perso/">french website</a>
about games (including GO and KGS), Hikaru no Go, genealogy, ...
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