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SammyEyeballs (6k KGS) Send Private Message
Registered: 2019-04-30 Last Here: 2020-01-13
Time Trial Results

Copied and pasted from KGS (LeGoSam):

Call me Sam ^^

**AS OF 1/06/2020** I WILL be on KGS more often than the past few months, as the new year brings less work for me and more games of Go to be played. Here's to a fantastic new year!

I've been playing Go since April 27th, 2018. Member of the Open Study Room Team.

My friend's Go page: http://learngo.co.uk

I'm glad to help whoever asks, so don't hesitate!

A true knight of the goban makes plays that are noble and global.

Saying hello is the first, and often most important step, to friendship.

Warfreak2: your 9-step plan gives me the feeling of looking at a child's drawing
Warfreak2: it's cute that you tried, but it's not an architectural blueprint by a long way :-p

odestone: go is a game of gradually reducing misunderstanding.

Epiphany: Try to see ALL moves in the context of the whole board
Epiphany: That is my mantra

"We need to do something more violent" -dsaun

Wall of Awesome Teachers Here on KGS (include but are not limited to):

OwyheeMud [-]
HelloKitty [-] (1d) Read messages... > http://files.gokgs.com/games/2018/7/25/HelloKitty-SamA710.sgf
anjarubik [2k]
Epiphany [5k]
Starfall or StarfallN [1k]
leachy [2k]
felino [3k]
dansugo [3k]
kissole [2k]
NoFear > 2k
decros [1d]
cats > ~2 dan
dsaun [-]
Mirak [3k]
Noomkwah [1d]
rats [3d]