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Problem 14634
Stories, Instruction Required, Fun, Strange, Self made

This is a copy of my former problem named Go Love, which was deleted by one editor who argued that the problem was "silly". Please note that the problem is in the fun, strange and instruction required groups and has no bugs. It is not a pure goproblem as you don't have to "solve" it, it is just an expression of an idea - that if you put your heart into the game then it will be on the board even if you lose (represented by the heart shape which will stay even if white stones are removed from the board). The first version of the problem had many comments, varying from "stupid" to "very nice" and I find that perfectly okay. Feel free to express your opinion about it in the comments, but please do not delete it as some people like it (and I do not know how to reactivate it, the only way seems to be to build it again). So one warning: if you do not like philosophical/fun/strange problems then do not solve and just click "next" or "previous". And try to play one move first (only one is enabled) - if you navigate before playing you get it wrong. Thank you.

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