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Problem 23188
5x5 Endgames

FOR nimbim: I ain't Irregular go, then what do you believe ? My problems are more interesting than his issues 'cause I'm a Dan player, he isn't, and my problems are realistic that many people can find the situation like that even though those depend on the people's strength. I solved some problems for you can see my rating history. I know you know my attacking style seems to be similar with Irregular go but I ain't Irregular go. Don't make me say such words so many times. I have experience of games, he probably doesn't. There is no evidence to call me Irregular go. I mentioned so much so from now on, will you believe I ain't Irregular go ? Will you believe I'm stronger than Irregular go ? Because I ain't Irregular go. At least I don't like him. When Irregular go's time, I was watching other sites. I ain't a German person. I'm actually a Japanese person. I gratitude you if you understand the above things.

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