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Problem 3025
Instruction Required, Fun, Amateur Game

Well - Enjoy!!!!


Here's the dictionary: (^.^)

1st question -
1.) Kill it in ko, assuming you have enough ko-threats.
2.) Seki
3.) Get from it? it's Dead!
4.) Aww... Not much... Alive no matter what...

Further down the line of play -
K=Ko Threat


(I had trouble using CGoban this time... Wierd... Anyway - I used, The java editor... And am too lazy to add, notes... Now... It's abit unusuall - so I just didn't add, any variations, yet... - Will they be needed? - I'm sure they will - If you have any wrong variations, or more important, correct ones - let me know! I'll add as fast as possible...)


Have fun! ;)

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