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Adding problems to Goproblems.com helps build the site, the community, and helps the contributor learn a valuable level of thoroughness. If you know what you're doing, you can skip directly to the Graphical Editor.

To help understand the problem adding process, you may wish to watch a video tutorial.

By adding and editing problems you grant the right for goproblems to use and redistribute these problems on the website, through downloads, and other mediums such as mobile devices. Such distributions may be commercial.


1Make sure your problem does not already exist on the website. With 6000+ problems already in the database, many of the common shapes have already been entered. By doing a graphical pattern search you can easily locate a possible duplicate.


2Choose an entry method: graphical or custom. The Graphical Problem Editor lets you enter problems interactively through a custom interface. It's easy, fast, and powerful. There are a few advanced features (like other board sizes) that can be accessed through the custom entry interface, but most problem contributors should stick to the graphical method.


3Read the Graphical Editor instructions.


3Read the custom editor instructions.

4Launch the Graphical Editor.


4Proceed to the direct entry page.

5After creating the problem graphically, you will have the opportunity to add extra information about the problem before making it live (or sticking it in your sandbox).


6After submitting your problem, make sure to check it frequently, especially in the first few hours after it goes live. You can read people's comments to see if there are any issues with your problem. Also, an examination of the attempt paths will show you where some areas may need to be improved (if a common attempt path has not been accounted for in the problem).