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Create graphically.

First, read the instructions. You can check to make sure you're not submitting a duplicate problem by performing a pattern search.

You can test your SGF before submitting a problem. Note: if you make a mistake in your SGF, please don't just hit the back button and resubmit it. This will result in extra problems being added to the site. Instead, go to the problem you added and edit it by clicking on the edit button.

Sandbox Select to make part of your sandbox play area
  The (optional) Problem Source denotes where you got this problem.
Problem Source
  For 'Type of Problem,' 'elementary' problems are those which will only be of use to people just learning how to play, down to perhaps 20 kyu. Could be as simple as playing in the middle of three spaces to kill.
Type of Problem
(This is a multiple select box, so Control/Shift click to set more than one if they apply. This intends to be an alternative classification system for problems. Add new group)
  You may optionally give your problem a name. If you do, please pick something unique.
Problem Name
  The following Smart Go File is the actual data for the problem. Please read these Instructions for what types of SGF files are acceptable and how to generate them.
  Use the introduction to explain something about the problem, or tell a relevant tale, or anything that should stay up while a user is playing. This can be any length, which solves the problem of being limited by the initial comment length.
  In the next and final step, you will see this problem in the Java applet.