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Offline Version

Goproblems.com is now available as an offline version. This distribution takes the form of a collection of HTML files generated nightly from the database. A browser with Java 1.1 capabilities is required to use this package. Download either the ZIP version or the tarred and GZIP'ed one if you prefer. Then point your browser to the index.html file.

Included in this collection are the problems, the comments, and the genres. Missing are the interactive features like searching, remembering problem attempts, and adding comments and problems of your own. This website will remain the authoritative, complete version of this problem collection.

Tarred and GZIP'ed Version
Zipped Version

Raw SGF Files

For various reasons, people sometimes wish to download the raw SGF files for the problems on this site. Look at them in your favorite SGF editor or what you will. Please note that goproblems.com retains the copyright on these files, so please do no redistribute them without my permission.

Tarred and GZIP'ed SGF Files

Source Code

The source code to an old version of goproblems.com's Java applet is publicly available under the Gnu Public License. It can be downloaded from Sourceforge. Note: the current version is only available from the CVS repository, not the .tgz file I made once upon a time. If you check out the source, please accept my apology in advance for its poor quality: it was my first Java program and is rather a hack.

Current versions of the applet do not have publicly available source at this time.


Sgfutility Cleans up goproblems SGF files for viewing on a Palm.
goproblems2gquiz.sh It downloads Go-problems from goproblems.com. Then it moves them to right place in directory tree, that they are easier to use with gquiz (and cgoban1). In the other words it makes offline usage of goproblems.com easier.
PilotGOne Plays SGF on PalmOS. Can be used in conjuction with downloaded problems from this site.
SgfToMpa Converts SGF to MPA for PalmOS. Can be used in conjuction with downloaded problems from this site.
goproblems2sgf.sh This shell script strips the genre and ranking out of the downloadable problems and puts the info in for the GN. This was written by the folks at Pilotgo. This is useful for handheld devices and downloaded problems. This will also run under CYGWIN.
distort.sh Bash script: Sorts .SGF files into directories based on the contents of the DI tag. ex. If the file contains DI[4k] then it is moved into .\4k
Goban770 An SGF editor to solve goproblems.com downloaded problems with Nokia Internet Tablet devices N770 and N800. (instructions)