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The idea for a concept "Timing" came up when editing problem #3300. Problems can be added into this group, when the question "when" to play a move or sequence is especially important or the key issue. Rin Kaiho (Lin Haifeng): "Go is about the order of moves". Examples could be YOSU-MIRU moves (probe in a position to see how the partner responds). It will include many examples with correct paths where the end-position is the same as in a wrong solution, but did evolve in another way. Other examples would be positions which are not played out completely, rather stopped at a certain point in order to wait for a better (the best) time to proceed (in ways which can be decided on better later). This is the 2nd aspect of YOSU-MIRU. I would understand the context narrower than given in http://senseis.xmp.net/?Timing.

22030 best move Sampi
21320 endgame tamingo
16825 tesuji mountain root
14636 life and death MeleeNewb
14583 endgame paddlefoot
14054 endgame MeleeNewb
13921 best move paddlefoot
13731 joseki DarkSycthe
12894 life and death Gelya
12806 tesuji Clydevil
12792 tesuji Clydevil
12407 life and death MeleeNewb
12084 life and death johnny2bad
11805 tesuji Field Mouse
11749 tesuji santa c
11666 life and death MeleeNewb
11369 life and death MeleeNewb
11368 life and death MeleeNewb
10875 life and death HisokaH
10574 life and death gizoku00
10386 life and death marwin
9790 life and death om3
8293 joseki Zwom
8291 joseki Zwom
8290 joseki Zwom
8289 joseki Zwom
8288 joseki Zwom
8287 joseki Zwom
7109 life and death MrMoto
5631 life and death kochi
4033 tesuji bass
4030 life and death bakablitz
3544 life and death santa c


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