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The concept of escaping with a group out of the local context, i.e. globally into the center (the contrary would be boshi) or on smaller scale, i.e. the other color cannot stop the escaper from collecting more liberties or confine him in any direct way.

16053 tesuji passero
15023 tesuji transcend
14073 life and death briv
12975 life and death leic
12836 best move pagod
12289 tesuji holyhell97
12154 tesuji holyhell99
12151 elementary holyhell99
11784 tesuji enigm4
11656 life and death osiris
10110 life and death Bleedo
9925 tesuji Field Mouse
9653 elementary Bleedo
8539 tesuji xiaodai
7691 tesuji MrMoto
7639 tesuji kennabee
7632 life and death kennabee
6896 life and death pyramids
6483 life and death kennabee
6410 life and death Spirit
5485 tesuji nutcase
4414 tesuji adum
3798 tesuji ellbur
3797 tesuji ellbur
3536 tesuji kochi
3530 life and death wheezy
3464 life and death kochi


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