WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2009-04-01 14:32:44ALASTISWell Constructed
2009-07-15 12:35:47inpefessWell Constructed
2010-02-23 13:42:23paulochonNeeds Fixingblack needs to play R17 to end the game
2010-03-24 12:57:05notyourfrogNeeds FixingThe "Good Job" comes before the problem's fully solved.
2011-04-23 15:38:33koMWell Constructed
2013-03-28 15:50:35lifeisafraWell Constructed
2013-10-02 18:50:43Needs Fixing27k??????????????????????????????
2014-03-11 11:14:17PluchoWell Constructed
2014-11-24 16:07:16eurikanoWell Constructed
2015-01-19 08:21:08FuyukazehimeNeeds FixingGood Job comes too early. Made me lose ranking due to looking at other options when I thought it was done!
2016-03-15 22:21:10ivesnNeeds FixingW R17 gives life
2017-01-07 10:10:23HrabanusWell Constructed
2018-05-12 02:02:03TrombaMarinaWell Constructed
2020-06-05 03:28:42tawaiuWell Constructed