WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2012-09-23 17:19:09NotDomoWell Constructed
2013-04-21 09:36:36pyrpoiNeeds Fixinglacks initial description
2013-05-24 18:02:15colekiNeeds FixingI played B6, (white C4), A5. This should be a win for black, as all 6 stones in white's group are dead.
2013-07-15 13:06:50AndriuNeeds Fixing
2013-07-29 22:53:23BobTheJoeWell Constructed
2013-08-05 02:28:39sjoemelfreekWell Constructed
2013-09-02 04:07:44superrichiWell Constructed
2014-02-23 23:20:35Eric-18Needs Fixingundefined
2014-03-14 04:01:51PluchoWell Constructed
2014-10-29 02:30:05eurikanoWell Constructed
2015-11-06 09:34:10HallgrifNeeds FixingЕсли схожить B6 и A5 то моэно так же уничтожить эту группу
2017-03-31 22:47:14GreenAsJadeNeeds FixingbA5 is marked as wrong, but does not apepar to be wrong.
2017-09-10 11:02:29GadgivenWell Constructed