WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2014-03-11 11:27:36PluchoWell Constructed
2014-07-04 06:15:34sindarusNeeds Fixingwhat if black plays S19 and then Q19 ? need more variations
2014-09-24 22:24:20spelerghshNeeds Fixingsome correct solutions missing it seems
2014-10-15 13:20:59AliquisWell Constructed
2015-05-16 05:15:15ComteWell Constructed
2015-12-15 16:53:59spandrelfNeeds FixingGetting "wrong" and "off path" for a choice (N19) that learner needs to try.
2016-10-09 15:05:14SolliesWell Constructed
2017-03-28 01:39:56BobTheJoeNeeds FixingSaving half of a group is wrong.
2018-01-06 22:14:30Lee JungWell Constructed
2019-09-26 22:22:03S├ębastien ProdhommeWell Constructed
2020-04-12 17:52:29mxyang42Needs FixingIn main solution one group could have died