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2013-02-03 12:28:56RafaloNeeds Fixingwhat should we do?
2013-06-22 05:14:19MatrokWell Constructed
2013-11-15 00:11:08dkillerWell Constructed
2014-07-21 03:54:01mountain rootWell Constructed
2015-05-30 04:57:35Skomoroh.KGSWell Constructed
2016-01-10 00:59:29SmarNeeds Fixingso what you want me to do?
2018-02-20 09:46:33ThumbWell Constructed
2018-04-03 14:09:16jgaWell Constructed
2019-01-22 06:01:07dixiWell Constructed
2019-06-25 10:26:19Sekisc2Needs FixingVariation around h6 to surround the group are not explained at all
2020-05-04 13:04:19laocoonInvalidWhite can separate the two black groups
2022-01-01 02:43:19a1!Well Constructed