WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2010-06-23 18:44:46atreysNeeds FixingDirections. What's the aim of black?
2011-02-04 14:17:18minachanWell Constructed
2012-06-07 11:02:20Nostromo26Needs Fixing
2012-08-09 06:14:09seudonimiaNeeds FixingJust state the aim of Black (Black to kill White) at the beginnign
2012-10-06 08:49:13rinkNeeds Fixingfine probleme but instruction lacking ('Black to kill White' or 'how to avoid that W lives here')
2012-11-27 17:58:32wolfsburgWell Constructed
2014-03-03 03:45:56PluchoWell Constructed
2014-03-12 07:02:33ArushenaInvalid
2014-05-16 06:03:17lz1aaiNeeds FixingThere is no description
2014-07-04 12:36:25boldenburgNeeds Fixingno description?
2015-02-25 08:54:27shibyaInvalid黒の目的が不明
2015-03-19 11:48:31ChiaomeiNeeds Fixinginstructions
2016-02-01 13:53:34heyckieWell Constructed
2016-09-07 21:14:36SolliesWell Constructed
2016-11-02 10:13:36TymofiiWell Constructed
2017-08-08 16:34:04jogohogoWell Constructed