WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2010-10-09 19:32:04atl25Needs Fixingif you make "no" an answer, at least make it an answer
2011-02-28 18:17:33jackula83Needs Fixingneeds to say if ladder works for black or white, i read it didn't work for black site I played at "No" and got it wrong.
2012-09-08 19:26:25irmoWell Constructed
2013-03-28 16:03:05SmarWell Constructed
2013-10-20 01:29:18zefciuNeeds FixingAdd the incorect paths
2015-06-04 18:29:02AlbaneWell Constructed
2015-09-26 18:51:58tamingoWell Constructed
2016-11-24 07:10:37BobTheJoeNeeds FixingYou should actually implement the other path.
2017-05-08 16:40:53MatrokWell Constructed
2019-08-19 01:21:04StarlineNeeds Fixingat least make "no" not off path