This position is from a game between two strong professionals -- black was Rin Kaiho. I'm not sure of all the details of this story, but what I do know is very interesting. In the middle of the game, white played 1 below, thinking it sente. Black analyzed the position and decided the stones were alive in gote, and played elsewhere. Upon further analysis, white decided black was right, and left the position alone. The game ended with the stones still alive. Post-game analysis confirmed that they couldn't be killed. Later on, some random person called up the professional who had played white, and told him that the stones were dead. The pro hung up the phone. A while later the guy called back, "no, I'm serious, they really are dead." "Yeah, whatever," responed the pro, and hung up on him again. Eventually the guy called back a third time, "no, I'm serious, they really are dead!" So the professional took a look, and found out that he was right...
Author adum Created 2001-03-23
Difficulty 6 dan (history) Source N/A
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Created 2001-03-23
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Stars 4.5  (8 votes)
Collections Stories, Pro Game
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