Life and Death
217 problems

Life and Death

193 problems

Yi Ch'ang-ho's Selected Tesuji Go Problems Volume 2
101 problems

Volume 2: ISBN: 7-8105-1566-7 <br>Snapback and Shortage of liberties problems.

91 problems

The classic tesuji.

Yi Ch'ang-ho's Selected Tesuji Go Problems Volume 4
91 problems

Volume 4: ISBN: 7-8105-1568-3 <br>Net 60 problems; <br>Throw in/Squeeze 63 problems

1st Line Tesuji
49 problems

Tesuji on the 1st line.

1st Line Connection
20 problems

Connect by playing on the 1st line.

Double Ko
16 problems

Oki (Placement) Tesuji
11 problems

Find the vital point inside an opponents group.

Counter Two Ladders Tesuji
5 problems

A tesuji that counters 2 ladders simulatenously.

Guzumi Tesuji
5 problems

Good Empty Triangles

Double Hane Tesuji
2 problems

Tsuki-atari Tesuji
2 problems

Butting into an opponents stone.

Problems in collection Irregular Tesuji
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