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The sandbox area allows users to play with problem ideas and get feedback. Add to the sandbox by visiting Add Problem. In the introduction to the problem, please explain why the problem is in the sandbox.
How Many

santa c Sandbox
23359 tesuji2021-05-21
23047 elementary2021-03-12
16406 best move2012-08-24
15360 life and death2011-10-18
15202 tesuji2011-08-30
14441 life and death2011-01-09
13026 elementary2009-08-22
12633 life and death2009-05-02It's a funny game I saw a while ago between these two players - Once a player manages to place f...
12630 life and death2009-05-02
12625 life and death2009-05-01
12278 best move2009-01-17
11897 endgame2008-10-26
11887 life and death2008-10-24
11837 tesuji2008-10-17This one has a few vars... Hope I didn't miss anything major :)
11621 life and death2008-08-09
11415 life and death2008-07-04
11406 life and death2008-06-29
11292 elementary2008-05-23Does the ladder work? (LOL) Just click Show Solution-
11250 life and death2008-05-05
10114 tesuji2007-06-15Of course I'm clueless here... Comments are more than appreciated... (Using the fact that attempt pa...