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Registered: 2007-08-06 Last Here: 2020-10-09
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Hey there.
My name is Søren, I am 20years old and from Germany.
Even though I am quite new to this site, I like it a lot.
Go-problems are a nice way for players to get stronger and here you really get plenty of them for free. :-)
I haven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t added many problems myself (yet), but i hope you like them anyhow. :-)
17446 life and death
12983 joseki
12979 life and death
11711 life and death
11643 joseki
11635 life and death
11630 endgame
11623 tesuji
11581 life and death
11578 joseki
see all problems
13539 life and death gobluesky
7916 life and death AkaHige
6774 endgame gedh2

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