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Windfoxj (20k)
Registered: 2008-03-22 Last Here: 2008-05-09

Hey. I am an American student who got Go introduced to me by my advisor-sensei...I love the game, and I am trying to improve.
(image �...me, 2008)
11116 life and death
11096 elementary
11182 best move Field Mouse
11082 elementary Field Mouse
11075 life and death Field Mouse
10804 life and death crazy
9667 life and death MatheusB
7988 elementary Spectrums
7791 best move MrMoto
7294 life and death KET
6104 endgame dobromila
5670 elementary santa c
3819 life and death ellbur
3407 elementary sing216
3150 elementary tails
255 life and death adum
197 life and death adum

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