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Registered: 2008-07-09 Last Here: 2013-05-10

This is my first trial to become a Go addict :-D
I am a computer programmer from Germany and completely new to Go. I had done some Chess engine programming before, but lost interest - not because my engine was exceptionally good, but because it was too buggy to publish and there exist so many good chess engines, some of them even better than the best humans - in contrast to Go. A good Go engine is a better challenge for me, so I am here to learn the basics of Go and will start with - well, look at my nick ;-)
In the last days I read some issues from Sensei\'s Library (the most here surely know about that site), and they said that the best way to improve is to do tsumego, tsumego and again tsumego. So that\'s why I am here :-)
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