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Meysel (9k KGS)
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All problems/solutions I post here are the results of my study efforts or games I played. I dont copy solutions from anywhere. Many patterns I take from Cho Chikuns Encyclopedia, but the solutions I post here I worked out myself. Thus, there might be flaws in my reasoning and fixes needed, invalid paths or paths I didnt see. Preparing/playing through the solutions for problems to post them here is by now the most effective training I experienced! I can just highly recommend this way for everybody to deal with life and death. Post it here and try to be sure you didnt miss anything! This is an extension of the --dont look at the solution-- philosophy, which I fully support! If you need to look at the solution, you will not get the nature of the problem by reading it - jump to another problem and come back later - you might not need the solution then anymore.
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12149 life and death
12136 life and death
12134 life and death
12133 life and death
12131 life and death
12128 life and death
12127 life and death
12125 life and death
12124 life and death
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4572 life and death assacra

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