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Registered: 2008-12-11 Last Here: 2009-12-29
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I suck at making problems-email me what is wrong wtih them at -limfc1216@yahoo.com.hk and i MIGHT change something-i live in hong kong and everyone in my go lesson is overated so i keep winning-

And also I am 7k but i dont suck i can kick 3k butt without handi (no offense). My best kgs account is hh99satan which i use but an admin came along and said he didnot like holyhell(hh for short) and told me to log off so i logged off because i didn't want to get barred.
12938 joseki
12757 endgame
12650 fuseki
12649 fuseki
12395 life and death
12390 endgame
12388 best move
12387 life and death
12385 life and death
12384 life and death
see all problems
12367 life and death holyhell99
12365 life and death holyhell99
12299 tesuji Holyhell99
12151 elementary holyhell99
9975 tesuji ketran0
8890 life and death adum
7824 life and death adum
2654 life and death adum

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