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tom111 (1d europe) Rating: 39 Send Private Message
Registered: 2004-10-27 Last Here: 2017-12-31
Time Trial Results

I was not here for long time. But now I'm back, maybe....
On the picture, I'm the guy with the Italy/Mexico/Iran Jacket :)
11114 life and death
10751 tesuji
10482 tesuji
10255 life and death
10204 tesuji
10200 life and death
10198 tesuji
10187 best move
10122 endgame
10112 life and death
see all problems
14508 life and death pablus
10019 tesuji Dudzik
9895 life and death Bleedo
8969 life and death ocho
6544 endgame Trucid
6206 best move BartTM
2998 best move wtd
2284 life and death Spica

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